What is Ringya?


Ringya turns these:                   Into this:

Your class lists, work contacts,                             Organized, sharable digital Rings.
sport team rosters,
and club/association membership lists


There is so much you can do with Rings:

Finding contacts is easy!
Easily access any contact on the list
Search by role, name, title

Group message!
Call, text or email individuals
or the entire Ring!

See who’s calling
Know who’s calling you
and how they fit into your world
with Ringya’s contextual caller ID

Easily share your Rings
with group members

Share your Rings with your coworkers,
fellow class parents, or team members.
Make their life easier by putting handy
contact info right at their fingertips.


Want to learn more about Ringya? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section

Want to get all your contact lists onto your phone in a snap?
Sure you do. What are you waiting for? Download Ringya now !


Thankya !