Welcome to Ringya!

You’ve been there.  We all have.

Your meeting ran late or you got stuck in a major traffic jam and had to reach someone right away.  But their number wasn’t handy on your phone.

Maybe you desperately needed to find a fellow parent to pick up your child but the class list was hanging on your fridge.

Perhaps you were in a business meeting and needed answers ASAP from a coworker but had outdated contact info.  Or maybe the only contacts in your phone were of your immediate team but you had to reach someone from a different department.

Maybe it started raining and you had to alert everyone on the soccer team that the venue was moving indoors.  Dreading the ring-a-round, you wish you had the team list handy so you could send a quick text message to the entire group.

My name is Gal Nachum and I cofounded Ringya.  As a working dad, I realized there were lots of people out there whom we don’t need every day …but when we need to reach them, we need their info ASAP.  Each school year, when I got my kids’ class lists, I manually inserted the names of my kids’ best friends’ parents into my phone (with a system for recalling which kid they belonged to) and everyone else remained on my fridge.  My work contact sheet was tacked to my bulletin board.   And all my other teams and clubs… well, they were in an emailed list somewhere in cyberspace.  Not exactly handy when I needed to reach them in a hurry.

So my fellow geeks and I put our heads together and came up with a way to get all those contact lists onto the phone. The trick was to make it super-easy to get the entire list onto your smartphone, and have it easily accessible when you need it without flooding your address book. We wanted work teams, for instance, grouped together, not dispersed among your regular address book contacts, where you have to search through the rest of your contacts to find them. We wanted to build an app where you can browse through each list to easily find the person you’re looking for, or send a specific group or team a message.

After months of concept refining, technology development and simplifying the user experience and privacy protection from every angle (we take your privacy very seriously) we are proud to launch Ringya.

Download Ringya, then simply snap a photo of a paper list, or email digital files to rings@ringya.com, and they’re transformed into smart, organized mobile lists (or as we call them, “Rings”) with everyone you need at your fingertips.

Now you can call, text or email any one (or any group) from wherever you are, and you always know who’s calling you because our contextual caller-ID tells you!


About six months ago, we invited several hundred users to test out the app and, now that we’ve added features based on their feedback and ironed out some kinks, we are excited to share the app with the world.

Watch this short video to see how Ringya can help you.

Ringya has already saved the day for many of our early users and we can’t wait to hear how it saves yours!

We’ll showcase your stories on this blog, along with tips, support, and lots of helpful info on how to juggle our busy lives.

You can also join our conversation on Facebook & Twitter, and share your day-juggling experiences with us on Pinterest.

Without further ado, welcome to Ringya!