Twitter Holiday Sanity Party Roundup

Wow—what a great party with so many wonderful tips for keeping the holidays happy (and productive!).  Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their sanity savers and thanks to our hosts @techsavvymama, @foundthemarbles, @daily_pinch and @elenasonnino.

It’s clear from most of our partygoers that ‘to do’ lists are packed with things to get done between now and New Year’s.  From “buying gifts, putting up tree and decorations” (@n210ss) to “shopping, relatives for the holidays and winter blizzard hazards” (@helyn4) to “getting everything prepared for hosting holiday parties!” (@Lieut_Crunch) we are all feeling a bit pressed for time and resources this holiday season—which is why so many of us would like to add @GratefulHoops suggestion to our gift lists:  “I’d love to get Rosey from the Jetsons as a gift this year.”

Assuming we can’t all ask for (and get) Rosey, what are we doing to keep ourselves organized and sane this holiday season?  We are making a lot of lists—and checking them twice.  @Techtembo888:  “Lists are so important to me, keeps me organized in the hectic holiday season.” But even those determined to keep a firm grip on paper lists agree that today’s tech tools are great for keeping track of the many things we need to get done.  @mrsrkfj: “I use paper then transfer to my device.  It’s easier to read typed out.”  And @kasey1720:  “Everything is on my phone now.  I can’t keep up with paper but my phone is always near.”

Ringya helps control all that paper by allowing you to effortlessly put all your holiday contact lists (and class lists, winter sports team rosters, etc.) onto your smartphone in a snap and once on your phone, you can notify individuals or groups about last minute changes in plans with the touch of your finger.  @Daily_Pinch has already been using Ringya to keep her organized this holiday season:  “I used Ringya to help plan Thanksgiving dinner and text everyone.  It was great to be able to share everything within the app.”

Technology is king of our holiday households and not only keeps us organized, but keeps us connected and inspired.  @techsavvymama uses “Skype, contact list on my phone for holiday card addresses, Pinterest for gift & home décor inspiration” while @misaacmom uses her iPad “in the kitchen for recipes.”  And, when it comes to holiday shopping, technology is not only saving our sanity, but saving us money.  @AFierceAries : “I love how shoprunner gives me free shipping on a lot of stores and ebates can give cash back and retailmenot has coupon codes” and @crazedmom: “Scan & save barcodes so at least if there is a price difference some proof of the original.”

Some of the other great tips shared:

@SweetmatchaJail: “We just got the xmas light switch that controls when it goes on and off! I think it saved us $$!

@misaacmom: “I think the key is cooking what you are comfortable with.  I do one big dinner.”

@FoundtheMarbles:  “If I didn’t have the Find iPhone app it would have been long gone by now.”

@centsiblelife: “Our shared calendar saves us a lot of headaches”

@ElenaSonnino: “Everything is on my phone or in my journal. I sometimes take pics of notes in my journal just in case”

While our ‘to do’ lists are packed and our technology is always charging, everyone agrees that the best part of the holiday season is finding joy in the preparations.  @Daily_Pinch:  “I love to cook. I plan, shop, prep and go. I streamline the process, play jazz and have large glass of vino.”

Happy Holidays from Ringya!