Tips and Sanity Savers from Last Night’s Twitter Party

What a fun party…and lots of great tips.  Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their sanity and time savers.  And thanks to our hosts Rock and Drool, @rockdrool, Centsible Life, @centsiblelife, and Detroit Mommies, @detroitmommies.

Staying organized is a challenge when there are so many demands on our time.

‏@centsiblelife says, “for lunches we keep snack bins ready-we pack them on the weekends.”  @thirtymommy precuts and preps ingredients when she has time and lots of you suggested using a slow cooker as a timesaver. @LaurenWeber84 suggested setting up the coffee pot at night “so you just have to hit on (or set a timer). Crucial in the AM for brain functionality!”

Lots of our party goers say they eat out as much as possible…that’s certainly one way of saving cooking time!!

Of course, technology can help you save time and energy. @redfuzzycow has set up her smartphone to serve as a remote control!  @sleatham1 pays most of her bills online to save time

And @kymnasium gets her coupons sent to her smartphone

With ‪Ringya, you can effortlessly put all your class lists, sports team rosters, and association contacts onto your smartphone in a snap ‪ and once on your phone, you can notify individuals or group about changes to soccer game, PTA meeting, class gatherings with the touch of your finger. ‪ 

We asked party goers, what technology recently saved their day?

@aogable admitted that getting a smartphone changed her day to day, allowing her to unhook herself from the computer.  @Callie1981 says @craigslist app saved her when she was moving and had already shut off her internet – did everything on her smartphone.

Of course, putting your kids’ class and extra-curric contact lists on your phone effortlessly with Ringya can save your day!

As for surviving the holidays,@GratefulHoops_2 recommended prioritizing and getting help and @joaniecupcakes added, “organization and wine.” Cheers to that!