The Secret Behind Sporty Kids: Supportive Parents

Team sports for children are more popular than ever. In fact, 35 million kids in the US between the ages of 5 and 18 now play organized sports.Children who join sports teams improve their physical, psychological and social well-being. Teams instill leadership qualities in kids and help them learn to work well with others. And sports teams are definitely not just for boys. According to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, girls who are involved in sports exhibit higher self-esteem than their peers.

But behind every successful athletic kid is a parent managing the team logistics, shuffling back and forth to practices, and often, also coaching the team. In fact, 85% of coaches are actually parents themselves doing double-duty. And we know that “soccer moms” are often assumed to be stressed-out and overly busy.

Unfortunately, one of the top reasons kids drop out of teams is the heavy burden placed on parents to keep up with complex team logistics, with constantly changing team schedules and locations of games.

Ringya for Sports Teams is one answer to this dilemma, taking the fuss and bother out of the team sports experience, and making it easier on parents, coaches and managers.

Here’s how it works:
1. Take a snapshot of your team’s paper list, or if it is a digital list, simply email it to Ringya.
2. Every parent on the team will instantly get a team contact list on their smartphone called a Ring.
3. Any member of the Ring can email, call, text or chat on a message board with other members either one-on-one or all at once.
4. Those without the app will get updates on email.

Some of the ways Ringya manages logistics for team sports:
• If the location or time of team practice has changed at the last minute, the team organizer can simply message everyone on the team at one time.
• Last-minute reminders for games can be sent, so no one is left out.
• When any parent updates their contact information, it is immediately updated for everyone in the Ring. No need for one person to be responsible for updating the entire contact list.
• Ringya family tree caller-ID feature makes it easy to see who is calling, learn the names of all the parents and connect each one to the right kid.
• Ringya works with sports teams every step of the way to facilitate the process of using the system. Just contact us.

When team sports are well-organized, there is no greater way to keep fit and have fun. Just ask the kids who play.