The Newest App on the Menu for Restaurant and Bar Owners and Managers

Running or managing a restaurant or bar is a juggling act. Between employee turnover and ever-changing shift staff, it’s hard to keep up with communications.

Image Courtesy Grant Cochrane

When your star bartender comes down with the flu just hours before a major bar event or you have an urgent message to convey to just the wait staff, you need a way to communicate quickly to find staff to jump into action. And since you often need to call in outside vendors (plumber, delivery service, beverage vendors), it would be great to have a list you can easily share with staff and manage collaboratively.

Relying on some crumpled paper list hanging on a bulletin board is not going to cut it.  You need everyone’s contact info at your fingertips and you need a way to send everyone or select staff messages quickly and easily.

You need Ringya.  It’ll save your day and your sanity.

With Ringya you can:

Get the staff’s contact info onto your smartphone in a snap

  • Download Ringya
  • Within the application, snap a photo of the paper contact list or email a digital copy of the staff list to
  • Within a short time, the contact list appears in Ringya as an organized sharable mobile “Ring”

Share the employee contact list with managers or the entire staff

  • With the touch of a button, you can share the list and they’ll get it immediately on their phones (once they download Ringya)
  • Email or text individuals, sub-groups (eg. bartenders), or the entire group
  • Easily keep contacts current
  • New employee? Add their info to the Ring and everyone gets the updated info
  • Employee no longer working at your bar? Delete them from the Ring and their info disappears

Create vendor lists and manage them collaboratively

  • Start a list of most-used vendors
  • Share the contact list with staff
  • Collaborate to manage the list and keep it up to date. Anyone with whom you shared the list can add vendors.  And when anyone updates it  (eg. vendor’s phone changed), everyone gets the update.

Let Ringya make your communications efficient and easy!

Click HERE to download now.