Stevie Wonder Can’t Call to Say He Loves You ☹

How often has your phone number changed since 1984?  Alright, let’s make it simpler…how many phone numbers have you added or changed in the past five years?

Personally, I can count seven numbers.  My cell number changed, as did my home and work numbers…multiple times.  Many of us have several numbers (cell, work, home) and the rate of new and changed numbers keeps on rising.  And it’s not just personal numbers…companies are experiencing this too.  As they change locations, they have to deal with all their employees’ numbers changing.  A pain for the office admin but for all the employees too…having to input the updated numbers one at a time in their smart phones.

Back on October 13, 1984, when Stevie Wonder crooned his famous song right to the top of the Billboard charts, most of us had one phone number.  In fact, the odds were that line reached all the members of our immediate family. Stevie would have had no problem tracking down his love.


Nowadays, one household of five often represents a minimum of seven numbers.  That’s one of the reasons we at Ringya are so excited about our new mobile app.  It’ll save your day…and your sanity.  With Ringya, you can effortlessly keep track of all those changing numbers.  When anyone on your Rings updates his/her info, all the members of the Ring automatically get the updated contact info.

How many phone #s do you have now?  How many have you switched over the past few years?  And, if you can recall, how many numbers you’ve had since 1984?



Image courtesy: Agência Brasil