Simplifying Ring Creation

With the latest release of Ringya we make a distinction between two kinds of Rings:

    • Group Rings – represent a group of people such as a work team, class parents, clubs, associations, etc. This is a group of people who usually know each other and use Ringya for communication among all or select group members
    • Resource Rings – are not necessarily shared with the contacts on the Ring – such as a list of restaurants, home handymen, babysitters, etc.

When creating a group Ring, once the creation process is complete, all group members will be notified that the group is ready for use – including its directory, message board and communication functions. Before completing the creation process you can view the Ring in preview mode to check and edit content created during the automated process.

The Ring creation process of resource Rings did not change. When the Ring creation process is complete, the Ring remains private and can be shared manually with others on the Ring, from other Rings or from your regular phone address book.

Rings are processed as group Rings or resource Rings based on a very simple rule: when you are a member of the Ring it’s considered and processed as a group Ring. When you are not a member of the ring it will be considered and processed as a resource Ring.