Sharing Rings and Knowing Who’s on Ringya Just Got Easier

Remember how your kindergarten teacher told you that sharing is the nice thing to do? Well, sharing your Rings (contact lists) helps others and it also helps you. It’s always been simple to share Rings on Ringya and now it’s gotten even simpler for iPhone users! (Android…you’ll be able to do this soon too…we’re working as fast as we can to make it happen!)

You can now see which of your Ringya contacts have the app and which are using a particular Ring. When you see a blue line to the left of a contact it indicates they use Ringya and if they have an icon to the right of their name, it means they have that particular Ring.

Anyone who does not have a specific Ring will have a “Share Ring” option near their name so you can easily click to share the Ring with them. You can also share any contact list with all or some of its members by opening a Ring and then selecting the “Share” button at the top right of the screen.

When anyone new joins a Ring, you’ll get a notification with their name and title.

Sharing a Ring lets your friends and colleagues access it so that they too have all that handy contact info on their phone. And when they update the Ring, you will automatically get those changes on your phone in Ringya. For example, your teammate adds contact info for a new hire or the teacher adds the info of a new family to the class list…that info is automatically updated in your Ring so your contacts stay current!