Say Goodbye to Paper Contact Lists

Despite living in a digital world, most of us end up relying on paper or emailed lists to stay in touch with certain groups – eg. work teams, childrens’ schoolmates, fellow club and association members.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all those contact lists onto your smartphone with zero effort?

With Ringya, all you need to do is download our free app then use your smartphone to snap a photo of a paper list or email a digital list to  Ringya transforms those lists into smart, organized Rings right on your smartphone.


To download the app and put your contact lists at your fingertips, simply click HERE

With Ringya, you can easily email or text individuals or the entire group, access contact information of anyone in your lists via organized Rings, and know who’s calling with contextual caller ID.

You can share your lists with other members of the group.  They’ll thank you for making their lives easier.  Plus, there’s a big advantage for you.  Anytime members of the Ring update their contact info, the entire group gets the info.  So you’ll have their latest contact info at your fingertips without having to do a thing.