Ringya’s New Sharing Options are Live!!!

We heard you loud and clear! Many Ringya users asked to share Rings with selected contacts and, with our latest version, that is now possible. You can now choose whether to share a Ring (contact list) with the entire group, select individuals (eg. work team members or fellow committee members), or with anyone listed in your address book. And you can even share a Ring you’re not a part of (eg. a contact list of local handymen or restaurants).

To get the updated version, all you have to do is click HERE

PARENTS…you can now share your kids’ class lists with your nanny or grandma and grandpa – so they can help coordinate school pick-up and playdates.

WORK TEAMS…share recommended contractors with the rest of your team at work or create a “Ring” of your favorite local restaurants, share with the group, and collaborate to keep it up to date. Create a Ring of client contact info and share with your team or put the entire office directory on Ringya and share with the entire company or select colleagues.

Friends and Spouse…create a Ring with local resources (handymen, babysitters, etc.), share with friends and/or your spouse, and collaborate. Create an extended family Ring for easier planning of get-togethers and reunions.

BUSINESS OWNERS…upload your employee lists and share with managers so they have employees’ contact info at their fingertips and can contact them with last minute schedule changes.

Most of all…enjoy the newest version of Ringya! And remember what they taught you in kindergarten about sharing…it’s the nice thing to do.  Sharing your Rings with the entire group is still the best option – the other group members will appreciate it and the more people on the Ring, the more up to date YOUR contact list because whenever anyone updates the Ring, you’ll get the update so your contacts stay current!

Legal Notice:

Due to the changes in the sharing model our privacy statement has changed. You can find the current version on our web site and here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy statement please contact us.