Ringya is Finally on Android!

Great news, Android users! You can finally get all your contact lists onto your phone in a snap because Ringya now supports Android. Read about it in MashableeWeekCoolMomTechZDNet and Nerdstalker

Thousands of you were sent invitations by friends and colleagues who shared “Rings” (contact lists) with you. When you download our app, those contact lists will automatically appear within Ringya on your phone. Magical!

You can also create your own “Rings” by snapping a pic of any contact list from within Ringya or emailing the list to rings@ringya.com. Ringya transforms them into smart, organized, sharable, searchable “Rings” so you have all your contact lists (class lists, staff list, sports and club members) at your fingertips.

While most of the features are the same as on iPhone, the app uses native UI so the look and feel is very Android.

You can download the free Ringya app here.  

(Ringya currently supports most, but not all, Android versions. If the device you have is not supported, contact us and we’ll let you know when it is supported.)

The Android version has most…but not all of the features of the iPhone version…and we are working hard to get Android to 100%.

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Put entire contact lists onto your phone effortlessly
  • Create and share contact lists with the touch of a button
  • Access your contacts in context – Ringya organizes your contact lists so you can view by role or title (eg. Moms) (eg. Sales team) (eg. NY Office)
  • Email or text individuals, sub-groups or the entire contact list
  • Touch an address and Ringya connects automatically to your phone’s navigation app so you can get where you need to go!
  • Always know who’s calling you and how they fit into your world with our contextual caller ID (eg. Sally Jones, Tim Jones’ Mother, 2nd Grade Oak School)

Here’s what you’ll be able to do soon:

  • Share lists with a select contacts (as opposed to the entire list)
  • Grab contacts from your address book or manually add contacts to create custom Rings (eg. Extended Family)(eg. Favorite Local Restaurants)

We’ll send out a notification as these features are added to Android.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your feedback to feedback@ringya.com so we can continue to improve Ringya.

We hope you enjoy Ringya!

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