Ringya Goes to School

As the official communication app of EdCamp St. Louis, we learned a few things about today’s educators:

  • They are smart and innovative—always looking for new ways to inspire their students
  • They are great communicators, engaging in conversations with their students, parents and their peers
  • They are busy (super busy) as they try and balance their classroom, school, community and even personal contacts

While we can’t get rid of the chaos that often comes with the busy lifestyle of being an educator, Ringya can help control it—not only saving your day, but saving your sanity.

We’ve heard from numerous educators on how they are using our app to stay organized and productive.  “As an educator, this app is a lifesaver.  I’m a huge multi-tasker and this is the only app that allows me to take a picture of my class lists, faculty list and the school directory and organized them into neat, mobile lists,” says Stacey Levine, a high school teacher and mom of two.  “It works like magic, and saves me time and stress.  I shared it with the other teachers, who now think I’m a hero.”

Courtesty www.freedigitalphotos.net

With Ringya, educators can effortlessly respond to these everyday scenarios:

  • Always know who’s calling – and which parent belongs to which child – with Ringya’s contextual caller ID  (i.e. Jane Smith, Mother of Jimmy Smith, Third Grade Math Class)
  • Reach parents to schedule conferences or share concerns—even if you have left your class list in your desk and it is after school hours
  • Letting the faculty know you will be late to school
  • Rescheduling a school committee or faculty meeting—alerting the entire group  with just one text message or email
  • Reminding parents about field trips, homework or upcoming activities (easily message the entire list or sub-groups, for eg., only the moms)
  • Informing parents on early or late dismissals, school cancellations and last minute changes to events

Because Ringya turns your paper or digital contact lists into smart, organized mobile lists (“Rings”), your school contacts stay separate from your personal address book. You can search through them easily because the info is organized. You can view by role (eg. PTA Board Members; eg. Class Parents) and you can share the list so that parents have each others contact info handy on their phones too!

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to download Ringya and begin using it in and out of the classroom.  Let us know how it saves your day—and your sanity!