Preparing for Winter Sports Season

It seems we have barely had time to put away our football helmets and cleats before we are knee-deep into headgear and singlets.  Our family is a sports family and with every new season comes a new activity—and a new team, with new coaches, new players, new parents…and, of course, new team rosters.  “Ringya has fast become my favorite organization app,” said Kelly Whalen @thecentsiblelife.  “Especially with a whole new set of contacts from winter sports.”

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I couldn’t agree more.  One of the first things I did when the fall football season was over was upload the new list for the wrestling team.  Soon, I will also be uploading the list for the winter lacrosse team.  And winter color guard.   And winter traveling baseball.  We have lots of teams, which means I have learned a thing or two about successfully transitioning into a new sports season.

Here are some tips:

Stay Organized:  Put away all the sports equipment from your fall teams, including uniforms, practice jerseys or any other items that are only used during that particular sport season.  (And remember to clearly mark the boxes so you can easily find them next season!).  This will free up space for the new sport equipment and will also make it easier to find things you need.  Nothing like running to basketball practice with your cleats!

Keep a Balance: It’s easy to get caught up in an activity, especially when that activity begins in the middle of a busy holiday season.  Make sure you and your children keep a balance between your new sport, homework and the busy social scene.  Get some balance tips from @MomsGetReal.

Stay Safe:  Just because the sport is moved inside doesn’t mean injuries are not going to happen.  Checkout this post from @momstream on ways parents can help prevent all sorts of sports injuries.  And, if your child is participating in outdoor winter activities, look over this list from @safekidsusa.

Stay Connected:  Make sure you have all the new contact information for team players, parents and coaches at your fingertips.  Ringya gets all your team contact lists onto your smartphone with no sweat!  With your new team ‘Ring’ you’ll not only be able to send quick text messages to the entire group (“Can someone bring Nate home from practice?”) or subgroup (“Team Captain meeting has been changed to 4:00”), you’ll always know which player is connected to the parent who is calling you with Ringya’s unique contextual caller ID (eg. Robin Smith, Mother of Tim Smith, Wrestling Team Captain)

What tips do you have for successfully transitioning your family into the winter sport season?  Let us know on our Facebook page or via Twitter.