Need A Recommendation for Local Resources or Restaurants?

The next time you need a recommendation for a plumber, electrician, hair salon, bar or restaurant, wouldn’t it be handy to have recommendations from friends, family or coworkers on your phone?  With Ringya, you can team up to create resource lists, share them with your peers, then build them up together.

For instance:

–  Start a “Ring” of favorite local restaurants. After inputting contact info for your personal favorites, you share the “Ring” with friends or family and, when they add to it, the information appears on your phone too!

–  Create a “Ring” of babysitters, handymen, and other local resources to share with your spouse.

–  If you run a business, create a list of vendors and share with managers or your entire staff so they know who to call the next time there’s an issue with plumbing or the delivery is late, etc.

Ringya lets you collaborate so, when anyone updates or adds a contact, everyone gets the update. When your friend adds a restaurant or the store manager adds a vendor, everyone with access to the “Ring” has that new information.

Ringya is also the easiest way to get existing contact lists (office directories, class lists, sports team rosters) onto your phone with zero effort. Just snap a picture of a paper contact list or email a digital list to the app and Ringya transforms it into a smart, organized, sharable list.

Save yourself from scrounging around for slips of paper or darting across the room to grab a list off a bulletin board. Have all the numbers you need at your fingertips.