New: Message Board for your Rings

We’re excited to announce that each Ring now has its own Message Board where each user can post announcements and leave messages for all other users of that Ring.

Message Board Conversation

So if you want quick team feedback on a new idea, post a message on the team board where everyone can join the virtual brainstorm. Planning a birthday party for your child? Post a save the date, and change the location in the last minute when thunderstorms loom. Want to select a route for your Saturday morning run? Schedule the run on the “Running Routes” Ring Message Board, and ask everyone with this Ring to vote for their favorite route for next week.


This is how it works:

All Ring users see and can respond to each post, even if they are not on Ringya. A Ring user is anyone who the Ring was shared with – for example, a work team, your child’s class list or your Ring of favorite cafes shared with your friends.

Ringya users get an instant notification on their smartphone and will be able to view messages inside the Ringya app. Non-Ringya users simply get the messages via email which guarantees that the entire group or “Ring” can interact via Ringya without any special app or even a smartphone.

The top bar of each Ring now includes the Message Board icon. You can see your number of unread messages inside this icon. This same icon will also appear beside any Ring with unread messages inside your list of Rings.


Message Board Icon

Who Gets The Message?

Everyone who has access to a Ring – either because they created it or it was shared with them – is a Ring User and therefore gets all messages on the Message Board. Some Ring users are part of the Ring itself – like members of a work team, class list or sports club.

You may also be a Ring user without being part of the Ring itself – for example, you may have a useful Ring of Favorite Cafes, Printers or the Ring of all the people you and your partner need for your home renovation. Of course only the users of these rings (you and your girlfriends, colleagues or your partner), and not the services listed in the Ring, will be privy to the Message Board correspondence. You can always see who the ring users are (and therefore who will be part of the Message Board dialog) in “Ring Details”. If anyone is missing just share the ring with them!


And if you don’t want messages from a certain Ring?

Not all girlfriends have the same appetite for café hopping – if you don’t want to be part of the café selection dialog, or prefer to ignore the work deliberations and just be updated when the team makes a decision, you can simply opt-out of these Message Boards or disable email notifications, among other preferences at Ring Details / Settings.


And this is just the beginning – we have pictures within message board dialogs coming soon, and a whole lot more…

Ringya Message Board is now live for our iPhone and Android users – just upgrade to the new version if it hasn’t happened automatically. We’d love your feedback!