Keeping Track of Tons of Information

When I posted about Ringya last week on my blog, I was eager to hear what others thought about it.  As a mom, I’m a huge proponent of getting more organized.  I have never had to keep track of so much information and the lists have definitely been getting out of hand since I had children.

There have been too many times when I haven’t had important phone numbers in my phone, simply because I don’t have the time to manually put each one in.  Classroom lists, sports team lists, business contact lists, book club lists – it’s just out of control. The fact that Ringya easily transforms paper contact lists into smart mobile lists by sharing a photo is just so simple.  I no longer have an excuse not to be able to contact everyone on a list from anywhere.

When I told my business partner about the app that same day, a bell went off in her head about a meeting she had just had at her school that same morning, and it prompted her to fire off this email: 

I remember someone at the PA meeting today asking if it’s possible to address a group email on the iPhone.  Kristen (my co-class parent) had the same question, as she never uses her computer.  You might want to share this with our grade rep coordinators…. it’s an app that does this for you:

And the response was even better:


I just set up my Ringya account and it is unbelievable.  Can’t thank you enough for passing along this app.  I think it’s so valuable you might want to pass it along to grade reps/class parents.  

See what I told you?  I am not the only one who thinks Ringya is pretty wonderful and has the ability to make me more organized.

Want to join my effort to get more organized?  Download Ringya today and let’s discuss your results in the comments below.  To find out more about Ringya visit their website at and follow @RingyaMobile on Twitter or Facebook.