Your friend invited you to join Ringya because it’s a really simple and useful app that lets you communicate with large groups!

Since your friend invited you that means you’re already in a group without even realizing it! All you have left to do is download Ringya so you can have access to the group.

Ringya lets you create, organize, digitize and share different groups in your life (like school, work, sports club and more!)

Use Ringya for different aspects of your life!

  • Connect your class, team or company in seconds
  • Upload paper lists with a photo or via email (no more manual data entry!)
  • Easily find contacts (search by name, role, title and more)
  • Message your entire group or individuals
  • Always know who’s calling (and how they fit into your life)

Check out the Ringya Video to learn more about how Ringya can help you reach beyond your contacts or click here to discover how you can use Ringya at home, work, school or anywhere!

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