Use Ringya anywhere!

Learn all you need to know about Ringya just from this page!

What you need to know is that Ringya is awesome! Ringya lets you communicate however you want with whoever you want whenever and wherever you want!

With Ringya you can: 

            • Connect your class, team or company in seconds
            • Easily find contacts (search by name, role, title and more)
            • Message your entire group or individuals
            • Always know who’s calling (and how they fit into your life)

Want some ideas on how to use Ringya at home, at work or for school?


Home Work School (for Parents)
Create a Family Ring so you have every cousin, aunt or nephews updated contact information No need to manually update your work or client list anymore! Ringya does it for you! Remind parents of a birthday party, PTA meeting and more within seconds
Share great news instantly on the group message board Search for coworkers based on job title or role Get rid of paper lists once and for all!
Always know which relative is calling (even if you don’t have them in your phone) Always know which colleague or client is calling, even if you don’t have their number in your phone Reach a new friends parent to schedule a playdate or find a parent to help with pickup if you are running late!


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