Think Ringya isn’t for you?

Of course it is!

Ringya is great for work teams, parents, PTA’s, teachers, sports club players and coaches, networking communities, office directories, extended family contact list, event planners, video and commercial directors, lawyers, realtors and more!

Use Ringya at Work

  • No need to manually update your work or client list anymore! Ringya does it for you!
  • Search for coworkers based on job title or role
  • Always know which colleague or client is calling, even if you don’t have their number in your phone

Use Ringya at Home

  • Create a Family Ring so you have every cousin, aunt or nephews updated contact information
  • Share great news instantly on the group message board
  • Always know which relative is calling (even if you don’t have them in your phone) 

Use Ringya with your childs class

  • Get rid of paper lists once and for all!
  • Reach a new friends parent to schedule a playdate
  • Find a parent to help with pick up if you’re running late
  • Remind parents of a birthday party, PTA meeting and more within seconds

Still not convinced?

Tell us what’s missing to make Ringys work for you! Let us know with a quick email to or through our simple contact form!