Ringya’s Privacy & Security policy is really simple!

So you want to know more about the Privacy & Security policy we have before downloading or using our app?


That’s cool.  We like people who want to know where their information is going and how it’s being used.

Our privacy policy is really long and was written by fancy lawyers and you can read it here

We decided to give you the cliff notes version in case you don’t want to read the long version.

Our Privacy & Security policy is simple (and pretty serious!)

            • We don’t share your info (you can, we don’t)
            • We don’t sell anything about you to anyone
            • We don’t copy your address book 

So now that you know about our Privacy Policy, you’re ready to learn more about Ringya and how one simple app can help you organize, digitize and share your contact lists at home, work, school or with any other group you are a part of!

Check out the Ringya Video oto learn more about how Ringya can work for you!