Don’t know how to create new rings? No problem! Let’s Fix that!

Creating a new ring is simple! There are three convenient and quick ways you can use

1)      Manually add contacts one by one

2)      Take a photo of your paper list through the ringya application

3)      Email your contact list file to

When you are ready to create your new ring just open the Ringya app, click the Ringya icon on the top and select CREATE NEW RING.  Select the way you want to upload your contacts and within minutes your new ring will be up and running!

If you’re looking to create a new ring via email, just open up a new email, add the excel, word, PDF or image file with your new ring contacts and send it off to

Include your Ring name as the subject line for extra convenience (don’t worry if you don’t name your Ring when you send your file – you will be able to name your group once the ring is uploaded too!)

Want to make life even easier? Click here to download one of our convenient templates and have your ring organized, digitized and ready to share in no time

P.S for the email upload to work your email address needs to be verified!