Create a Ring for any group in your life!

Need help thinking of a ring to create? Want to create a ring but don’t know where to start?

No problem!

Our team created a list of ring ideas you might want to borrow

  1. Work in an office? Have every colleague and co-workers updated information on your app and out of your smartphone
  2. Is your family spread out over cities and states? Create an extended family ring and post important information about reunions, holidays and special events on the message board
  3. Have kids? Create a ring for each child’s class (just snapshot the paper list you get at the beginning of the year) and never fumble around looking for someone to pick up your carpool shift or bring cookies to the next fundraiser.
  4. Play on a sports league? Ringya can help your players, coaches and umpires coordinate practice, send important game reminders and just stay in touch no matter where you are!

Check out some school/work templates we created for convenient upload!

School Class or Kindergarten – Basic

School Class or Kindergarten – Extended Format

Company or Organization

Just email the list to when you’ve completed the list!