Discover how Ringya can help you!

Because of our super techy team and our unique contact management solution, we think Ringya can work for almost anyone – you just haven’t realized it yet! 

Ringya is great for work teams, parents, PTA’s, teachers, sports club players and coaches, networking communities, office directories, extended family contact list, event planners, video and commercial directors, lawyers, realtors and more!

That means is that Ringya can be the app for you if you connect, interact, and communicate with other people on a daily basis through some form of technology and sometimes want to connect with them more often than once (so you probably need their information).

Ringya just simplified, organized and digitized your ability to do all those things you already do!

Now that you know the app is for you, see how you can use Ringya to:

      • Connect your class, team or company in seconds
      • Upload paper lists with a photo (no more manual data entry!)
      • Easily find contacts (search by name, role, title and more)
      • Message your entire group or individuals
      • Always know who’s calling (and how they fit into your life)

Still think something is missing? Email us at and tell us what feature would make Ringya the absolute ‘go to’ app in your life! Maybe we will add it sooner than you think!