Back to School with Ringya

School’s only been back in session for a short time and already the mad juggle has begun. Carpool, extra-curricular activities, and playdates. Just a few of the items parents try to manage as they navigate the demands of their “little bosses”. And the hectic juggle poses extra challenges when reality gets in the way – rain ten minutes before little league practice is set to start; traffic backups preventing you from getting to school on time for pick-up; and too many new faces to remember which kid belongs to which parent. (How many times have you said yes to a playdate when you’re not actually sure to whom you’re speaking on the phone?) read more >

Welcome to Ringya!

You’ve been there. We all have. Your meeting ran late or you got stuck in a major traffic jam and had to reach someone right away. But their number wasn’t handy on your phone. Maybe you desperately needed to find a fellow parent to pick up your child but the class list was hanging on your fridge. read more >