Twitter Holiday Sanity Party Roundup

Wow—what a great party with so many wonderful tips for keeping the holidays happy (and productive!). Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their sanity savers and thanks to our hosts @techsavvymama, @foundthemarbles, @daily_pinch and @elenasonnino. It’s clear from most of our partygoers that ‘to do’ lists are packed with things to get done between now and New Year’s. From “buying gifts, putting up tree and decorations” (@n210ss) to “shopping, relatives for the holidays and winter blizzard hazards” (@helyn4) to “getting everything prepared for hosting holiday parties!” (@Lieut_Crunch) we are all feeling a bit pressed for time and resources this holiday season—which is why so many of us would like to add @GratefulHoops suggestion to our gift lists: “I’d love to get Rosey from the Jetsons as a gift this year.” read more >

Holiday Sanity Twitter Party

How many of you are racing from Thanksgiving toward the New Year with an unwieldy number of family and work obligations to juggle? We thought it would be a good time to trade tips and tricks re helpful we can get organized and maybe even find some time to ourselves (wishful thinking!). read more >

A Happy (and Productive) Thanksgiving!

Ever wondered how old you’d be if you were a Pilgrim? Well, there’s an app for that. On a more practical note, there are lots of tools to help you organize your holiday meal, come up with entertainment ideas, and learn more about the holiday’s roots. We’ve scoured the blogosphere for good advice and here are some of the recommendations we found for Thanksgiving prep. read more >

Getting Productive...Some of our Favorite Tools...

Feeling overwhelmed??? At Ringya, we are all about productivity and collaboration. So we thought we’d share some of the tools we use to stay organized, manage our lives, and stay all around sane. We’ve also included a couple of new ones that we haven’t test driven yet but sounded cool. We’d love to hear about your fave productivity tools…post on our Facebook page or tweet us. read more >

Tips and Sanity Savers from Last Night’s Twitter Party

Staying organized is a challenge when there are so many demands on our time. ‏@centsiblelife says, “for lunches we keep snack bins ready-we pack them on the weekends.” @thirtymommy precuts and preps ingredients when she has time and lots of you suggested using a slow cooker as a timesaver. @LaurenWeber84 suggested setting up the coffee pot at night “so you just have to hit on (or set a timer). Crucial in the AM for brain functionality!” read more >

Keeping Track of Tons of Information

When I posted about Ringya last week on my blog, I was eager to hear what others thought about it. As a mom, I’m a huge proponent of getting more organized. I have never had to keep track of so much information and the lists have definitely been getting out of hand since I had children. There have been too many times when I haven’t had important phone numbers in my phone, simply because I don’t have the time to manually put each one in. Classroom lists, sports team lists, business contact lists, book club lists – it’s just out of control. read more >

Life Simplified Twitter Party and You’re Invited!

Ever wish your life could be simpler? Wish you knew how to make your daily juggle more manageable? For moms juggling their own to-do list combined with their children’s, this can be a serious challenge. read more >

Stevie Wonder Can’t Call to Say He Loves You ☹

How often has your phone number changed since 1984? Alright, let’s make it simpler…how many phone numbers have you added or changed in the past five years? Personally, I can count seven numbers. My cell number changed, as did my home and work numbers…multiple times. Many of us have several numbers (cell, work, home) and the rate of new and changed numbers keeps on rising. And it’s not just personal numbers…companies are experiencing this too. As they change locations, they have to deal with all their employees' numbers changing. A pain for the office admin but for all the employees too…having to input the updated numbers one at a time in their smart phones. read more >

Be the Office Hero!

When I synced my smartphone with Outlook, my personal address book was flooded with tons of work related contacts. Annoying!!! It was a no win situation. Prior to syncing with Outlook, I manually inputted my colleagues’ contact info each time the office admin sent out an employee list. Of course, it was a tedious task so I only typed the info of the coworkers I call most. That left me in the lurch any time I was away from my desk and had to reach someone who wasn’t on my short list. Ringya puts all your work contacts onto your smartphone with zero effort and it doesn’t flood your address book. Instead it keeps each contact list in an organized smart Ring in the app. read more >

Say Goodbye to Paper Contact Lists

Despite living in a digital world, most of us end up relying on paper or emailed lists to stay in touch with certain groups – eg. work teams, childrens’ schoolmates, fellow club and association members. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all those contact lists onto your smartphone with zero effort? With Ringya, all you need to do is download our free app then use your smartphone to snap a photo of a paper list or email a digital list to Ringya transforms those lists into smart, organized Rings right on your smartphone. read more >