Using Ringya on Your Computer or Tablet

Sometimes it’s easier to contact people through your computer or tablet, rather than your mobile phone. With Ringya, it’s easy to work across various platforms.

In this blog post you’ll learn how to:

–       Send emails to Ring contacts from your computer

–       Share a link to a Ring via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

–       Use Ringya on your tablet (even if you don’t have a smartphone)


Send emails from your computer to Ring contacts

Say you want to email contacts from a Ring but you want to do so from your computer, as opposed to your smartphone.  No problem.  You can send yourself a copy of their email addresses, plus a link that lets you send an email to them from your computer.

Once you open a Ring, click on the menu button (bottom right) and select “Group Message.” Then choose “Email from Computer”.  You’ll then have the option of selecting some or all of the contacts from the list.  (Remember, you can view the list by role/company/department if that helps…for instance, if you want to email everyone in the NY office or only the moms from the 2nd grade class list, you can choose to only send yourself those emails.) After selecting which emails you want, hit “Next” (top right) and then “Send me the emails”. Check your inbox for the contacts.


Share a Ring via link

Say you want to share a Ring with a friend, colleague or family member but you want to invite them your way, as opposed to having Ringya text or email them on your behalf.  Simply open the Ring and touch the menu button (bottom right). Choose “Share Ring” and then “Share via link”. Choose “Create Link” and then you’ll be able to ask Ringya to email you a link to the Ring.  Once the link arrives in your inbox, you can copy it into an email or send it to relevant contacts via social media. You can also copy the link from within the app, saving yourself a step. When you get to the “Share via Link” screen, simply touch the link and it will allow you to copy it. Then you can paste it into an email, text, etc. from within your phone.


Use Ringya on your tablet (even if you don’t have a smartphone)
Ringya currently supports only one phone number per user, but you can use several devices (including tablets, iPod Touch) using the same phone number.  So if you don’t have a smartphone and want to use Ringya on your tablet or you want to access the app on both your smartphone and your iPod Touch or tablet, you can do so.

Register Ringya on your cell phone (the main phone). When you register, a text with a 4 digit code will be sent to your main phone.  Download Ringya onto your tablet or iPod Touch using the main phone number and use the 4 digit code. Once done, you’ll have access to the Rings on the other device.


Ringya is Finally on Android!

Great news, Android users! You can finally get all your contact lists onto your phone in a snap because Ringya now supports Android. Read about it in MashableeWeekCoolMomTechZDNet and Nerdstalker

Thousands of you were sent invitations by friends and colleagues who shared “Rings” (contact lists) with you. When you download our app, those contact lists will automatically appear within Ringya on your phone. Magical!

You can also create your own “Rings” by snapping a pic of any contact list from within Ringya or emailing the list to Ringya transforms them into smart, organized, sharable, searchable “Rings” so you have all your contact lists (class lists, staff list, sports and club members) at your fingertips.

While most of the features are the same as on iPhone, the app uses native UI so the look and feel is very Android.

You can download the free Ringya app here.  

(Ringya currently supports most, but not all, Android versions. If the device you have is not supported, contact us and we’ll let you know when it is supported.)

The Android version has most…but not all of the features of the iPhone version…and we are working hard to get Android to 100%.

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Put entire contact lists onto your phone effortlessly
  • Create and share contact lists with the touch of a button
  • Access your contacts in context – Ringya organizes your contact lists so you can view by role or title (eg. Moms) (eg. Sales team) (eg. NY Office)
  • Email or text individuals, sub-groups or the entire contact list
  • Touch an address and Ringya connects automatically to your phone’s navigation app so you can get where you need to go!
  • Always know who’s calling you and how they fit into your world with our contextual caller ID (eg. Sally Jones, Tim Jones’ Mother, 2nd Grade Oak School)

Here’s what you’ll be able to do soon:

  • Share lists with a select contacts (as opposed to the entire list)
  • Grab contacts from your address book or manually add contacts to create custom Rings (eg. Extended Family)(eg. Favorite Local Restaurants)

We’ll send out a notification as these features are added to Android.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your feedback to so we can continue to improve Ringya.

We hope you enjoy Ringya!

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Ringya Goes to School

As the official communication app of EdCamp St. Louis, we learned a few things about today’s educators:

  • They are smart and innovative—always looking for new ways to inspire their students
  • They are great communicators, engaging in conversations with their students, parents and their peers
  • They are busy (super busy) as they try and balance their classroom, school, community and even personal contacts

While we can’t get rid of the chaos that often comes with the busy lifestyle of being an educator, Ringya can help control it—not only saving your day, but saving your sanity.

We’ve heard from numerous educators on how they are using our app to stay organized and productive.  “As an educator, this app is a lifesaver.  I’m a huge multi-tasker and this is the only app that allows me to take a picture of my class lists, faculty list and the school directory and organized them into neat, mobile lists,” says Stacey Levine, a high school teacher and mom of two.  “It works like magic, and saves me time and stress.  I shared it with the other teachers, who now think I’m a hero.”


With Ringya, educators can effortlessly respond to these everyday scenarios:

  • Always know who’s calling – and which parent belongs to which child – with Ringya’s contextual caller ID  (i.e. Jane Smith, Mother of Jimmy Smith, Third Grade Math Class)
  • Reach parents to schedule conferences or share concerns—even if you have left your class list in your desk and it is after school hours
  • Letting the faculty know you will be late to school
  • Rescheduling a school committee or faculty meeting—alerting the entire group  with just one text message or email
  • Reminding parents about field trips, homework or upcoming activities (easily message the entire list or sub-groups, for eg., only the moms)
  • Informing parents on early or late dismissals, school cancellations and last minute changes to events

Because Ringya turns your paper or digital contact lists into smart, organized mobile lists (“Rings”), your school contacts stay separate from your personal address book. You can search through them easily because the info is organized. You can view by role (eg. PTA Board Members; eg. Class Parents) and you can share the list so that parents have each others contact info handy on their phones too!

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to download Ringya and begin using it in and out of the classroom.  Let us know how it saves your day—and your sanity!

Four Super-Handy Ringya Features

So you’ve uploaded some contact lists to Ringya – perhaps your office directory, your kids’ class lists, and the membership list from a club or association. Now that you have all that contact info at your fingertips, it’s time to take Ringya to the next level. Learn how to:

◊ Text or email individuals or sub-groups
◊ Share Resources with Friends and Co-workers
◊ Launch navigation from within Ringya
◊ Give your Rings personalized “code” names

1. Text or Email select individuals or a sub-group – You need to alert the L.A. office that a client will be on-site or let your fellow third grade dads know that the venue for dad’s night has changed due to inclement weather. It’s simple to text or email individuals or sub-groups.


  • Once inside a Ring, click on the menu button on the bottom right corner
  • Choose “Group Message”
  • Choose “Text Message”, “Email Message” or “Pictures via Email”
  • When the contact names appear, choose the ones you wish to message by clicking inside the empty boxes appearing near each name. A checkmark will appear to indicate those names have been selected.
  • If you wish to select an entire subgroup (eg. only the managers or only dads or only the L.A. office), select “By Role”, “By Department” or “By Company” and then place a check mark next to the group you wish to message

2. Share Resources with Friends and Co-workers – Instead of calling your friends or coworkers every time you need a recommendation for a plumber or great restaurant or chasing down co-workers when you need a contractor or supplier, collaborate with them via Rinya. Ringya allows you to custom build your own lists and share them. And when anyone adds to the list, the entire group gets the update. You can start a resource list, share it, and have people add to it so you can access each other’s recommended contacts.


  • When opening Ringya, click on the menu button on the bottom right of the screen
  • Choose “Manually”
  • Name the Ring (e.g. “Local Resources” or “Favorite Restaurants”)
  • You can choose to “Copy from Contacts” or “Add New Contact” manually
  • Once you’re done adding your recommended handymen, hair salons, or bars and restaurants, share the list with friends or coworkers and have them add theirs



3. Navigate straight from Ringya – Meeting a client or picking up your kid from a playdate? When you click on an address within a contact in Ringya, it will automatically connect you to Waze or Apple Maps so you can get where you need to go.

  • Open a contact list in Ringya and select a contact
  • Click once on the contact’s home or work address
  • Navigation app will launch
  • Address must include street name and city

4. Give Your Rings Personalized “Code” Names – Say someone shared the “Oak View School 2nd Grade” contact list with you but you want to call it something more specific like “Sally’s Class,” you can create a personal name for the Ring.

  • Open Ringya and click on the Ring you wish to rename
  • Click the menu button on the bottom right corner
  • Choose “Ring Details”
  • Choose “Edit” on the top right corner of the screen
  • Directly below the public Ring name, you can select “Set Personal Ring Name”

Enter the Ringya “WOW” Contest!

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Ringya’s New Sharing Options are Live!!!

We heard you loud and clear! Many Ringya users asked to share Rings with selected contacts and, with our latest version, that is now possible. You can now choose whether to share a Ring (contact list) with the entire group, select individuals (eg. work team members or fellow committee members), or with anyone listed in your address book. And you can even share a Ring you’re not a part of (eg. a contact list of local handymen or restaurants). read more >

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