Shutdown Notification

Dear Ringya users,

Today we’re announcing that we will be shutting down Ringya on September 1st, 2019.

7 years ago we set out to create a new and more convenient way for people to manage and share contact lists on their smartphones. We are proud of the community that rallied around our apps and are inspired by the incredible sharing and discovery that came from it. Sadly, we have failed to make Ringya a viable service and are forced to discontinue its operation.

We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone who uses Ringya. Here is what is going to happen on September 1st, 2019:

•             The Ringya app will no longer be available for download from the Apple Appstore or from Google Play

•             The Ringya server will be shut down, which means that you will no longer be able to create rings, share rings, update existing rings or contacts, send chat messages or post messages on the message board

•             Your app will continue to function in offline mode, which means that any information you had in it prior to the termination date will continue to be accessible after the shutdown date

•             We will stop all maintenance activities of the app including making sure that it works on future version of your phone’s operating system. This means that if and when you do upgrade the operating system of your mobile phone certain capabilities of the app may stop functioning or the app may stop functioning altogether.

•             We will not be offering existing users any updates to the app

•             All customer services including tech support will be discontinued

Starting from May 1st 2019 and until September 30th 2019 you will be able to get a copy of your rings as a CSV file (which you can open using most spreadsheet applications including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets) by submitting a request at the Ring Download page on our website. On October 1st, 2019 all the data on our servers will be deleted. Please make sure to download your rings before!

Until the shutdown date, operation of the Ringya service will continue normally.

If you have additional questions or need further help, please feel free to contact us via

We hope you have enjoyed using our apps and thank you for your support,

The Ringya team

The Secret Behind Sporty Kids: Supportive Parents

Team sports for children are more popular than ever. In fact, 35 million kids in the US between the ages of 5 and 18 now play organized sports.Children who join sports teams improve their physical, psychological and social well-being. Teams instill leadership qualities in kids and help them learn to work well with others. And sports teams are definitely not just for boys. According to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, girls who are involved in sports exhibit higher self-esteem than their peers.

But behind every successful athletic kid is a parent managing the team logistics, shuffling back and forth to practices, and often, also coaching the team. In fact, 85% of coaches are actually parents themselves doing double-duty. And we know that “soccer moms” are often assumed to be stressed-out and overly busy.

Unfortunately, one of the top reasons kids drop out of teams is the heavy burden placed on parents to keep up with complex team logistics, with constantly changing team schedules and locations of games.

Ringya for Sports Teams is one answer to this dilemma, taking the fuss and bother out of the team sports experience, and making it easier on parents, coaches and managers.

Here’s how it works:
1. Take a snapshot of your team’s paper list, or if it is a digital list, simply email it to Ringya.
2. Every parent on the team will instantly get a team contact list on their smartphone called a Ring.
3. Any member of the Ring can email, call, text or chat on a message board with other members either one-on-one or all at once.
4. Those without the app will get updates on email.

Some of the ways Ringya manages logistics for team sports:
• If the location or time of team practice has changed at the last minute, the team organizer can simply message everyone on the team at one time.
• Last-minute reminders for games can be sent, so no one is left out.
• When any parent updates their contact information, it is immediately updated for everyone in the Ring. No need for one person to be responsible for updating the entire contact list.
• Ringya family tree caller-ID feature makes it easy to see who is calling, learn the names of all the parents and connect each one to the right kid.
• Ringya works with sports teams every step of the way to facilitate the process of using the system. Just contact us.

When team sports are well-organized, there is no greater way to keep fit and have fun. Just ask the kids who play.

How Ringya Improved our School Communication – One Mom’s Perspective

We are hosting guest blogger Karen Brooks, Parent Council President at Manhattan Day School (MDS). In September 2013, MDS started using Ringya as their school-wide system of mobile communication.

By Karen Brooks, Parents Council President, Manhattan Day School

As president of the Parents Council at a busy elementary school in New York City, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve and streamline communication for parents and our administration. For as long as most parents can remember, we’ve had a paper booklet listing contact names, numbers and addresses for all families. But we all felt the need for an additional tool that was more 21st century. Ever try to stay on top of the changes in a directory that includes over a thousand contacts? It’s almost a full-time job!

When a neighborhood friend suggested Ringya, a new app that instantly turns your paper directory into contact lists on your smartphone, we were intrigued. O.K., some of the less tech-savvy among us were a little wary, too. But when we heard that all of the information would be completely secure and could not be shared with those outside the school, we decided to give it a try.

This past September, our administration provided an up-to-date student directory and we emailed it to Ringya. Within minutes, the app had built a detailed contact list, called a “ring,” of all our students. That’s hundreds of families and over a thousand contacts shared with all relevant parties.

Here’s the best part: We can update their contact information and that change is immediately shared with all other members of the “ring.” No one has to update a paper directory. It’s all done automatically. You can also create smaller class or club “rings,” including just those parents you need to contact on a regular basis.

Since going live with Ringya, our school’s overall communication has changed in ways we could never have imagined. Ringya makes it easy to contact members of your “ring” in many ways. You can call, text or email.

Our families also like it because it makes it easier to set up play dates and invite classmates to parties. Each time you search for a contact, you get contact information about the rest of their families. So, if a student wants to get together with a new class friend, it is no trouble at all to have mom or dad locate the friend’s parent on the “ring”, give them a call and make a play date. And with the special Ringya caller ID feature, you always know who is calling and how they are connected to you, before you even pick up the phone.

What else can I say? Ringya is a little technological tool that helps make a big difference in school communication. It makes keeping in touch fast, stress-free and even kind of fun.  As a mom and Parents Council president, that’s the kind of thing that makes me smile.

Pictures: Courtesy of MDS

Simplifying Ring Creation

With the latest release of Ringya we make a distinction between two kinds of Rings:

    • Group Rings – represent a group of people such as a work team, class parents, clubs, associations, etc. This is a group of people who usually know each other and use Ringya for communication among all or select group members
    • Resource Rings – are not necessarily shared with the contacts on the Ring – such as a list of restaurants, home handymen, babysitters, etc.

When creating a group Ring, once the creation process is complete, all group members will be notified that the group is ready for use – including its directory, message board and communication functions. Before completing the creation process you can view the Ring in preview mode to check and edit content created during the automated process.

The Ring creation process of resource Rings did not change. When the Ring creation process is complete, the Ring remains private and can be shared manually with others on the Ring, from other Rings or from your regular phone address book.

Rings are processed as group Rings or resource Rings based on a very simple rule: when you are a member of the Ring it’s considered and processed as a group Ring. When you are not a member of the ring it will be considered and processed as a resource Ring.

New! Chat with Ringya Users

We’re excited to announce that you can now chat with any other Ringya users.

This long awaited feature makes Ringya a one-stop-app for all a group’s mobile communication needs: Ringya users can call, text, email and now also ‘free live chat’ with individuals and groups.

There are 3 easy ways to chat:

  • Initiate chat conversations as well as voice calls, text messages and emails from the new action bar below any Ringya contact’s name
  • Group chats are conducted in the Ring’s message board – activated from within each Ring
  • Shortcut to recent chat conversations on the new tab bar at the bottom of the Ringya main screen


Who Can you Chat With?

You can chat with any other Ringya user you have in your Rings. If a Ring member is not a Ringya user the chat button will be disabled and you will not be able to chat with that user because live chat works over your Internet connection between two Ringya users. To enable free live chat with someone not yet on Ringya, just invite them to join with the Share Ring icon that appears beside their name.

Ringya Chat is now live for our iPhone and Android users – just upgrade to the new version if it hasn’t happened automatically.


As always, we’d love your feedback!

Back-To-School with Ringya

Supplies are purchased, backpacks are packed, lunches are made…some parents would call this the best time of the year, and why not? The back-to-school season is the time of year when we all get the chance to make a fresh start and resolve to make this the absolute best year yet.

While we can’t help you with all your school year resolutions, we can help you get back-to-school ready and keep you organized (and productive) all year long:

Keep Class Lists Organized

You may only be enjoying the first few days of a new school year, but chances are you are already knee-deep in paper.  Ringya lets you turn your child’s paper class list into a smart, organized mobile list (Ring), allowing you to easily get important contact information on your phone.  A great Ringya feature is that in addition to searching the list by parent name, you can also search by child’s name.  So, the next time you forget the name of Suzy’s mom, you can simply look it up in your Ring.

If you have multiple children in multiple classrooms be sure to create a Ring for each class.  Thanks to our Contextual Caller ID, you will always know who is calling and from what class.

And if you need help getting started, we’ve thought of that as well. Check the Templates section in our website for school class templates.

Be the Best “Team Mom”

In addition to starting a new school year, your child may also be joining a new sports team.  Quickly (and easily) upload your new team contact list to Ringya and share it with other parents.  Running late to pick up Joey from practice?  With just the touch of a button you can send the entire group a message you’re running late.  Want to coordinate a team picnic after Saturday’s game?  Use our Message Board feature to get everyone’s input.

Coordinate Volunteers

If you are a parent volunteer, you know how hard it is to coordinate events and activities—especially if you are working with multiple committees and sub-committees.  Create and share a Ring of your parent volunteer organization.  You will be able to communicate with each committee or the entire group—making sure everyone is always on the same page.  And, if a committee adds a new person, they can simply add the contact info to the shared Ring and the entire group will get the new info.

Share Resources with Friends

Instead of calling your friends every time you need a recommendation for a tutor or afterschool sitter, collaborate with them via Ringya.  Ringya allows you to custom build your own lists and share them.  When anyone adds to the list, the entire group gets the update.  Create a family resource Ring, share it with your friends and never be without a good recommendation and contact info for a new piano teacher (or Spanish tutor, family photographer, etc.).

New: Message Board for your Rings

We’re excited to announce that each Ring now has its own Message Board where each user can post announcements and leave messages for all other users of that Ring.

Message Board Conversation

So if you want quick team feedback on a new idea, post a message on the team board where everyone can join the virtual brainstorm. Planning a birthday party for your child? Post a save the date, and change the location in the last minute when thunderstorms loom. Want to select a route for your Saturday morning run? Schedule the run on the “Running Routes” Ring Message Board, and ask everyone with this Ring to vote for their favorite route for next week.


This is how it works:

All Ring users see and can respond to each post, even if they are not on Ringya. A Ring user is anyone who the Ring was shared with – for example, a work team, your child’s class list or your Ring of favorite cafes shared with your friends.

Ringya users get an instant notification on their smartphone and will be able to view messages inside the Ringya app. Non-Ringya users simply get the messages via email which guarantees that the entire group or “Ring” can interact via Ringya without any special app or even a smartphone.

The top bar of each Ring now includes the Message Board icon. You can see your number of unread messages inside this icon. This same icon will also appear beside any Ring with unread messages inside your list of Rings.


Message Board Icon

Who Gets The Message?

Everyone who has access to a Ring – either because they created it or it was shared with them – is a Ring User and therefore gets all messages on the Message Board. Some Ring users are part of the Ring itself – like members of a work team, class list or sports club.

You may also be a Ring user without being part of the Ring itself – for example, you may have a useful Ring of Favorite Cafes, Printers or the Ring of all the people you and your partner need for your home renovation. Of course only the users of these rings (you and your girlfriends, colleagues or your partner), and not the services listed in the Ring, will be privy to the Message Board correspondence. You can always see who the ring users are (and therefore who will be part of the Message Board dialog) in “Ring Details”. If anyone is missing just share the ring with them!


And if you don’t want messages from a certain Ring?

Not all girlfriends have the same appetite for café hopping – if you don’t want to be part of the café selection dialog, or prefer to ignore the work deliberations and just be updated when the team makes a decision, you can simply opt-out of these Message Boards or disable email notifications, among other preferences at Ring Details / Settings.


And this is just the beginning – we have pictures within message board dialogs coming soon, and a whole lot more…

Ringya Message Board is now live for our iPhone and Android users – just upgrade to the new version if it hasn’t happened automatically. We’d love your feedback!


Hello – Hola – Olá

We’re thrilled to announce that Ringya is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. Users around the world can now enjoy both a native app with a localized user interface as well as instantly create and share groups with contact information in these languages.

So Hello, Olá, Holla to our new friends and users in Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and beyond – welcome to Ringya and we hope you’ll enjoy our service. Read more in our Press Release.


Estamos entusiasmados em anunciar que o Ringya agora está disponível em Espanhol e Português. Usuários de todo mundo agora podem desfrutar de um aplicativo nativo com uma interface de usuário no seu idioma local, bem como poder criar e compartilhar instantaneamente grupos com informações de contato nestes idiomas.

Então, Hola, Olá aos nossos novos amigos do Brasil, Espanha, México, Argentina e outros  países hispânicos.

Sejam benvindos, ao Ringya. Esperamos que desfrute cada vez mais do nosso serviço.


Estamos encantados de anunciar que Ringya está ahora disponible en Español y Portugués. Los usuarios de todo el mundo pueden ahora disfrutar, tanto de una aplicación nativa con una interfaz de usuario en su idioma local, así como crear y compartir prontamente con sus grupos de contacto de información en estos idiomas.

Así, Olá, Hola, a nuestros nuevos amigos y usuarios en Brasil, España, México, Argentina y más allá.

Sean Benvindos, Bienvenidos al Ringya, y esperamos que disfrute cada vez más de nuestro servicio.


Please help us spread the word about Ringya – in 30 seconds!

A huge percentage of people find out about useful apps through word of mouth so please tell your friends, family and colleagues about Ringya so they can get all their work, school and club contact lists onto their phones effortlessly. It’s super easy to spread the word and takes 30 seconds because you can do it from within the app.

Here’s how:

Like us on Facebook
Press the new thumbs up icon on Ringya’s main screen to tell your Facebook friends about our handy app.


Spread the word from within Ringya:  
On the main screen, touch the menu button on the bottom right and choose “Spread the Word”. You’ll see options to tell people about Ringya via Twitter, Facebook, and the App Store. Simple! In the same screen you will also find options for inviting specific individuals via email, by texting them or via Facebook.

Share your Rings
When you’re inside any Ring (contact list), just hit the “Share” button at the top of the screen. When you share a Ring with friends and colleagues they can get the contact list on their phone in a flash. And you’ll benefit too because when they update contact info, you’ll automatically get the updates so your contacts stay current!

Thank you so much for helping spread the word!

Sharing Rings and Knowing Who’s on Ringya Just Got Easier

Remember how your kindergarten teacher told you that sharing is the nice thing to do? Well, sharing your Rings (contact lists) helps others and it also helps you. It’s always been simple to share Rings on Ringya and now it’s gotten even simpler for iPhone users! (Android…you’ll be able to do this soon too…we’re working as fast as we can to make it happen!)

You can now see which of your Ringya contacts have the app and which are using a particular Ring. When you see a blue line to the left of a contact it indicates they use Ringya and if they have an icon to the right of their name, it means they have that particular Ring.

Anyone who does not have a specific Ring will have a “Share Ring” option near their name so you can easily click to share the Ring with them. You can also share any contact list with all or some of its members by opening a Ring and then selecting the “Share” button at the top right of the screen.

When anyone new joins a Ring, you’ll get a notification with their name and title.

Sharing a Ring lets your friends and colleagues access it so that they too have all that handy contact info on their phone. And when they update the Ring, you will automatically get those changes on your phone in Ringya. For example, your teammate adds contact info for a new hire or the teacher adds the info of a new family to the class list…that info is automatically updated in your Ring so your contacts stay current!