Be the Office Hero!

When I synced my smartphone with Outlook, my personal address book was flooded with tons of work related contacts.  Annoying!!!  It was a no win situation.  Prior to syncing with Outlook, I manually inputted my colleagues’ contact info each time the office admin sent out an employee list.   Of course, it was a tedious task so I only typed the info of the coworkers I call most.  That left me in the lurch any time I was away from my desk and had to reach someone who wasn’t on my short list.

Ringya puts all your work contacts onto your smartphone with zero effort and it doesn’t flood your address book.  Instead it keeps each contact list in an organized smart Ring in the app.

Many of us get our work contact lists emailed to us or we have a print-out hanging on our cube wall.  And every time a new employee comes on board or someone’s digits change, the office admin sends an updated list.

With Ringya, once you upload your work list and share it with the group, whenever fellow Ring members update their contact info, everyone on the list gets the new contact info.  Getting your work lists onto your phone via Ringya is simple, as Arie explained in last week’s blog post.

You can set up different Rings for different work situations.  For instance, you can start by creating a Ring with the entire company list.  Then create Rings for each team you’re on or a Ring for each client group.

And remember to share your Rings so your colleagues can enjoy the benefits of Ringya and easily stay in touch.  Be the office hero! Save your sanity while helping coworkers.