Back to School with Ringya

School’s only been back in session for a short time and already the mad juggle has begun.  Carpool, extra-curricular activities, and playdates.  Just a few of the items parents try to manage as they navigate the demands of their “little bosses”.

And the hectic juggle poses extra challenges when reality gets in the way – rain ten minutes before little league practice is set to start; traffic backups preventing you from getting to school on time for pick-up; and too many new faces to remember which kid belongs to which parent.  (How many times have you said yes to a playdate when you’re not actually sure to whom you’re speaking on the phone?)

We are so excited that Ringya has already saved the day for lots of parents.  A mom in Texas who manages her son’s soccer team wrote that she was struggling to alert parents to late breaking news…such as last minute game venue changes.  She emailed the team roster to, then shared the new Ring with the team, and now they can easily stay connected via group texts.

A dad told us he was stuck in a traffic jam with no end in sight and was going to be late for pick-up.  He was able to easily track down a fellow parent to help out.  Ringya to the rescue!

We’d love to hear how Ringya is helping save your day.  Let us know via Facebook or Twitter or show us how you’ve used Ringya in action on Pinterest.