Company Info

Ringya Ltd. creates innovative technology that makes lives easier for smartphone owners by effortlessly transforming contact lists into smart, organized mobile “Rings” so users can reach whomever they need, when they need them most. The company has developed unique technology, which provides group collaboration, contextual contact management and advanced data capture capabilities.

The Ringya Team

Gal Nachum, Co-Founder and CEO

Gal Nachum believes technology is meant to simplify day-to-day tasks. He has dedicated his career to offering fun and accessible solutions that bestow order on our increasingly complex lives. In addition to his role as Ringya’s co-founder and CEO, Nachum was the driving force behind a number of tech start-ups, including Unipier Mobile Ltd., Cash-U Mobile Technologies Ltd., and Mobix Communications Ltd.

Kobi Hecht, Co-Founder and CTO

Kobi is an ex-physicist who likes to integrate the virtual world with the real world. Hecht and Nachum have been collaborating together for years.  Before co-founding Ringya, Hecht launched Cash-U Mobile Technologies Ltd., Unipier Mobile Ltd. and Mobix Communications.