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Next time you need to contact the team urgently, you can reach them all with the touch of a button.
Email or text the entire team or sub-groups (eg. just the goalies).

Ringya makes your life easier by getting all your class and staff lists onto your phone in an organized manner with no effort.
When a parent calls, Ringya’s smart caller ID makes sure you know whose mom/dad is calling you.

Ringya helps you manage your “job” as parent, sports & entertainment director, and chauffeur.
Put class lists, sport team rosters, and parent association contacts on your smartphone effortlessly.

Tired of manually updating your address book every time there’s a new hire or coworkers change contact info? With Ringya, one person uploads and shares the list and everyone gets the team “Ring” on their phone. When anyone updates the list, everybody gets the changes.

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